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Rick the Pet Sitter

Professional Services for You and Your Pets in Souteast Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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First and foremost, In-Home Pet Services is a professional service. That means this is all we do for a living. FULL TIME.
Besides, our services are different from Hobby Sitters
(part-time pet sitters, errand services, and kid-next-door pet sitting)

Rick the Pet Sitter


We are insured and bonded. With over nine years of experience in caring for pets, we participate in continued education for pets and their care, including Wisconsin Humane Society's Pet First Aid Courses and certifications in Pet Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Rick the Pet Sitter


We belong to Professional Industry Organizations, including the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), that provide ongoing information about pet-related issues and provide us with updated information for improving our services.

Rick the Pet Sitter

True Animal Lover

We are a true animal lover and truly LOVE what we do! More than a profession, pet sitting is a vocation. We are drawn to the care of animals, and as such, we are concerned and compassionate caregivers.

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Unlike the Hobby Sitter (part-timer, the errand service, or the kids-next-door who Pet sit for extra cash), we have devoted ourselves to providing your pet the best possible care. We spend a great deal of time and income furthering the quality of our services and making you and your pet happy.

In-Home Pet Services

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Rick the Pet Sitter